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Dr. Frankel utilizes a light touch when approaching facial rejuvenation in Cleveland. He believes that after treatment, patients should look refreshed while maintaining a natural, non-operated-on appearance. Dr. Frankel's aesthetic practice is the premier center for facial plastic surgery in Cleveland.

His expertise and specialization in procedures of the face and neck - as well as his level of education and extensive training specifically in facial plastic surgery - allow him to deliver consistent and exceptional results.Dr. Frankel's goal is never to make patients look like someone else; only a better version of themselves. Jonathan Frankel, MD is a double board-certified surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Cleveland, OH.

His high level of training in Head and Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery provides him with a deep and unique understanding of the form and function of the face and helps him achieve natural-looking results that enhance a patient's existing beauty.

read more › At Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery, one of our main services is facial rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Frankel's extensive training allows for exceptional, natural-looking results. When you specialize in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, it's of the utmost importance to understand how to achieve results that improve the patient's appearance without changing their look too much. Dr. Frankel's goal is never to make patients look like someone else - only a better version of themselves. For facial rejuvenation surgery, patients should look refreshed while maintaining a natural, non-operated-on appearance.

read more › This will make processing and consultation go faster, but it is not necessary. Everything we do is designed around the idea of making you feel comfortable - from the time you walk into our offices until the time you leave. Additionally, you can rest assured that our services are discrete and confidential. While most non-surgical procedures are done in our office, other procedures requiring anesthesia are performed at our affiliated surgical centers such as Lyndhurst surgery center, or Ahuja medical center, both affiliated with University Hospitals - Case Medical Center.

read more › Because Dr. Jonathan Frankel is the premier surgeon for facelift surgery in Cleveland, the facelift procedure is one of our main services at Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery. Is there anything more aggravating as we age than sagging jowls, falling cheeks, and a hanging neck? Do you ever just wish you could lift your facial skin back up to a more youthful position? If so, that's where a facelift may be able to help and Dr. Frankel is among a few who perform the best facelift Cleveland has to offer.

read more › Whether you weren't satisfied with your first facelift procedure or you simply need a touch-up, Dr. Frankel is here for you. He performs a revision facelift in Cleveland to get you looking your best again. A "revision facelift" refers to any facelift that's done after the first one. When an individual has already had a facelift done, it adds additional factors to consider, such as scar tissue and overly-stretched skin. This is why it's of the utmost importance to only work with a plastic surgeon who specializes in facelift surgery when choosing a revision facelift.

read more › Dr. Jonathan Frankel's deep plane technique for facelift surgery achieves natural-looking, long-lasting results. The deep plane facelift technique that Dr. Frankel uses avoids excessive tension on the skin. The incisions are all hidden, and nearly invisible once healed. In addition, Dr. Frankel uses a specialized surgical glue that allows the avoidance of surgical drains after surgery, which patients find uncomfortable. True to its name, the deep plane facelift is different than the traditional facelift because it goes deeper.

read more › Our mini facelift in Cleveland is very popular with younger patients who want to improve signs of aging in the face, but who don't need a full facelift yet. This surgery is less invasive than a full facelift, only lifting and tightening the top layer of skin. It's known as a "mini" facelift because it only pulls the skin very slightly. Our mini facelift in Cleveland is a great option for individuals with mild deep tissue sagging, and results in a much more refreshed and youthful appearance. Performed mostly to address signs of aging the lower half of the face, the mini facelift reduces wrinkles and sagging skin, defines the jawline, and refreshes the overall appearance of the face.

read more › Because the neck is one of the first areas to begin showing age, it can be an aesthetic concern for many. Our neck lift in Cleveland is a surgery designed to help present a more defined and youthful appearance. A neck lift is an excellent option for individuals who have sagging skin due to the aging process or significant weight loss. It can also address a double chin and excess soft tissue. A neck lift can be a truly transformative procedure, restoring definition and attractiveness to the jawline and neck and enhancing overall facial appearance.

read more › As a very safe, proven, effective, and minimally invasive way to slim the neck, liposuction in Cleveland remains the gold standard for slimming the neck area and achieving an improved contour. One of the first places that age and weight gain shows is the submental area - front of the neck, under the chin. There is often a hereditary component as well, with some patients noting that they have always had extra fullness under their chin. This frustrating fat can often cause an individual to look heavier or older than they actually are, which has a negative impact on self-esteem.

read more › Nose jobs in Cleveland are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, second only to facelifts in women. This specific surgery is one of our main services, and one of Dr. Frankel's areas of specialty. When you undergo a nose job in Cleveland, you're having a surgical procedure to change the shape and size of your nose to achieve your desired aesthetic. In most cases, patients request this surgery to correct an irregularity such as asymmetry, nasal bridge hump, or a nose that they consider to be too large for their facial proportions.

read more › Functional nose surgery can be a life-changing procedure for those who have serious breathing problems, chronic sinus infections, and other conditions. Dr. Frankel performs functional rhinoplasty to address nasal breathing problems, such as a deviated septum or narrowing of the nasal valve. Oftentimes, a combination of cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty is performed at the same time to correct both appearance and function. Functional rhinoplasty involves working with complex nasal structures and therefore demands only the most experienced and skilled surgeon, such as Dr. Frankel.

read more › If you've already had a rhinoplasty and are unsatisfied with the results or it has caused new problems, Dr. Frankel can help with a revision rhinoplasty in Cleveland. Sometimes problems develop with rhinoplasty that require a secondary procedure to correct them. This is called "revision rhinoplasty" or "corrective nose surgery". Our revision nose job in Cleveland can be done to improve results, fix breathing problems, or both. It is a very complex surgery that demands the skill of only a very experienced facial plastic surgeon.

read more › Whether you're seeking rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of your nose, functionality, or both, Dr. Frankel is a double board-certified facial surgeon who can help. Rhinoplasty can improve cosmetic issues of the nose, such as a hump on the bridge, crookedness, or problems with the nasal tip. It can also address breathing and snoring issues, or other functionality conditions. Many men request rhinoplasty to improve their confidence and quality of life. Dr. Frankel performs male rhinoplasty using structural rhinoplasty techniques.

read more › When the forehead begins to slope downward with age, it can make your expression appear exhausted, sad, or angry - even when you feel just fine. Our Cleveland brow lift is a surgical procedure that addresses this issue. When forehead wrinkles begin to appear (often as early as our 20s!), it's only a matter of time before gravity causes the eyebrows to start sagging, creating a tired, aged appearance. Our Cleveland brow lift (forehead lift) is performed to help restore the forehead by elevating the eyebrows to refresh the eyes and eyelids, smooth out the deep "11" furrows between the eyes, and help improve forehead wrinkles.

read more › Many individuals are unhappy with their large forehead, which can be distracting from other facial features. This is where a forehead shortening procedure can make a significant improvement. Those who are bothered by their prominent forehead frequently attempt to hide it with hairstyles or hats. Perhaps they were teased when they were younger about this feature, or maybe they've just personally never liked it. For men, a large forehead can take on the appearance of a receding hairline, making them look older than they actually are.

read more › So much of our communication is done through our eyes, and improving a tired-looking appearance in this area can make a significant change in the way someone looks and feels. This can be achieved with Blepharoplasty in Cleveland with Dr. Frankel. As the focal point of our faces, the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. Sadly, though, as our faces lose elasticity and begin to age, one of the first things to happen is a drooping or hooding of the eyelids - or puffy eye bags begin to form beneath the eyes.

read more › Our Buccal fat pad removal in Cleveland is an excellent option for individuals who are bothered by their overly round face. Dr. Frankel performs this procedure to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted facial appearance. Have you ever been called these names? Many individuals who have full cheeks are familiar with them. A common reason why the face can appear overly round and childlike is because of the buccal fat pads. These pockets of fat can be found under the cheekbones on either side of the mouth.

read more › When it comes to facial implants, our chin augmentation in Cleveland is a very popular option. We offer several different options to match your desired outcome. An implant is inserted to help make the chin appear more prominent in a subtle, organic-looking way. To learn more about chin implants, and how they can enhance your features, schedule a consultation for chin augmentation in Cleveland with Dr. Frankel. For our chin augmentation in Mayfield Heights and Cleveland, we offer several different types of chin implants to best meet your personal aesthetic goals.

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