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Elite Plastic Surgery Dedicated to the compassionate and attentive treatment of each patient, Dr. Salama has the skill and experience to contour your physical attributes and improve your natural shape. His harmonious integration of science, art, and aesthetics is designed to achieve uncompromising results. He is renowned for his patient-focused and relationship-building approach.

During the initial consultation process, Dr. Salama seeks to create a personalized surgical or nonsurgical plan to achieve his patient's desired goals. Dr. Salama believes that both trust and bedside manner are paramount, and as such he makes sure every patient is well informed throughout their journey. Dr. Salama specializes in the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL Miami), Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Vaser Lipo, Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover and other body contouring procedures.

Having performed thousands of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures throughout his career, Dr. Salama has become one of the most sought-after Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons in the world.

read more › Elite Plastic Surgery is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence within the Miami plastic surgery community and beyond. With Dr. Salama leading the way as an elite board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, we aim to push the bar higher and higher by using the latest state of the art plastic surgery techniques. Patient care should always be equal to the importance of qualification and talent. At Elite Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on protecting the patient's vision, safety and state of well-being from the time they walk through the front door and well after a successful recovery.

read more › Dedicated to excellence in care and results, Dr. Moises Salama offers a comprehensive selection of today's most sought-after cosmetic treatments at our state-of-the-art practice. In addition to extensive training, his patient-focused approach sets him apart from the competition and provides a level of personal attention that's singular to our office. Whether you're seeking non-surgical aesthetic enhancement or a series of procedures, Dr. Salama will customize your treatment plan to best suit your individual needs and goals.

read more › As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Alex Barcellos works alongside Dr. Moises Salama in the operating room, striving to provide an exceptional experience to each of our patients. His compassionate treatment and attention to detail help to make individuals feel confident and comfortable at every stage of care. Alex has over 14 years' experience in his profession, having worked at Baptist Hospital in Kendall, Cleveland Clinic in Weston, and now here at Elite Plastic Surgery. He earned his Master of Science degree in Anesthesiology from Barry University, and he is an active member of numerous esteemed medical organizations, including the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) and the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

read more › South Florida simply screams confidence, elegance and vibrance, especially Miami! It's only fitting those same three adjectives belong along side Elite Plastic Surgery of Miami. After all we have a reputation to maintain as one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgery centers serving the South Florida area. Dr. Salama is a board certified plastic surgeon in Miami and is well practiced in cosmetic procedures that can enhance your beauty from head to toe.

read more › Sculpting your body to its ideal shape, body contouring allows you to tighten, tone and lift areas including the tummy, buttocks, thighs and more. Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck: This cosmetic surgical procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal region, giving you more toned and trimmed abs. Body Lift: Combining a variety of customized techniques, a Body Lift can lift myriad parts of your body and is a popular procedure for men and women in Miami who have undergone extensive weight loss.

read more › Fat transfer to buttocks, the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is conducted under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure at Elite Plastic Surgery. For the BBL, fat is harvested from other areas of the body like the abdomen, flanks, back, chin, upper arms, etc. and is purified so that only the highest quality fat cells are used for injection to the buttocks. The fat transfer is made through very small incisions into the buttocks. The harvested fat cells are placed in between muscle layers and close to a blood supply where they have a greater chance of survival instead of being absorbed by the body.

read more › Mommy Makeover CombinationsWhat are options that can be combined to make a Mommy Makeover?. Several surgical procedures can be combined in a Mommy Makeover. Typically the procedures involved are a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) with a Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift. The Brazilian Butt Lift can also be combined with a Tummy Tuck in a Mommy Makeover. These techniques are designed to address sagging breasts, excess skin, and other common concerns. That said, other approaches can be used to optimize your individual objectives.

read more › Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available. In addition to the traditional liposuction method used to eliminate fat and enhance body contour, our extensively trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Moises Salama, offers an innovative technique called High-Definition VASERlipo Etching. This state-of-the-art approach is designed to refine the treated area to achieve a more pronounced and dramatic outcome with less downtime. Particularly effective at defining anatomical structures, High-Def VASERlipo can be used to "etch" or "sculpt" the body in virtually any region, including the chest, arms, abdomen, obliques, and elsewhere.

read more › Growing in popularity over the years, Buttock Augmentation enhances the volume and shape of one of the most desirable parts of the human body. There are multiple ways to go about improving the appearance of buttocks, including utilizing autologous fatty tissue, as in a Brazilian Butt Lift, or using buttock implants. Butt Implants offers thinner patients a way to noticeably increase the size of their bottom while also improving the contour. As an extensively trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Moises Salama has experience performing both, butt implants and the bbl, and can help you determine if one or a combination of procedures is best to achieve your cosmetic goals.

read more › Achieving the goal of losing a significant amount of weight is commendable, whether doing so through diet and exercise or weight loss surgery. A dramatic change in body size can lead to some unexpected effects, including the development of excess skin. This loose skin can sometimes diminish the joy of accomplishing your health and weight loss objectives. Furthermore, it can camouflage your results and leave some individuals feeling self-conscious. Dr. Moises Salama, our board certified plastic surgeon, offers Body Lift surgery to address this common concern and to help you fulfill your cosmetic desires.

read more › The skin of the upper arms can become loose for many reasons, including significant weight loss and the natural process of aging. If excess skin in this area is a concern, Arm Lift surgery can be performed on the upper limbs to achieve a slimmer and more toned appearance. Medically referred to as Brachioplasty, Arm Lift surgery from our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Moises Salama, is tailored to address the unique anatomic needs and aesthetic goals of each patient. Particularly popular with people who have undergone Bariatric surgery, Dr. Salama's technique can address the effects of weight loss that cannot be easily improved with diet and exercise.

read more › The Bra-Line Back Lift is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects loose, sagging skin or fat rolls on the upper and middle back, a condition often referred to as bra fat. The procedure is termed as such since the treatment addresses sagging skin on the upper back surrounding a woman's bra-line. Regardless of its name, the Bra-Line Back Lift procedure is not intended solely for women. Men can also undergo the treatment. Generally, anyone who suffers from sagging back fat in the bra-line area qualifies as a candidate for the plastic surgery procedure.

read more › Achieving significant weight loss due to traditional methods like dieting and exercise or modern techniques like Bariatric surgery is an impressive achievement. However, some of the effects of this experience may not be as desirable as reduced fat. Excess skin is a common concern for patients who have lost a massive amount of weight, and sagging skin on the thighs can be a cause of self-consciousness. To help patients feel more comfortable in their new, healthier bodies and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, our practice offers Thigh Lift surgery to remove excess skin and create a firmer and more toned appearance on the upper legs.

read more › Renuvion with J-Plasma is a revolutionary procedure that combines cold helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy to achieve exceptional skin tightening results with little to no downtime. Due to its notable stability, helium can be ionized at considerably low energy levels, allowing for optimal safety, enhanced precision, and flexible delivery during treatment. Once applied to the underside of the skin, the tightening and rejuvenating effects of the cold plasma begin to appear immediately and continue to improve with time for a long-lasting outcome.

read more › As the centerpiece of your body, you should love the shape, the size, and the contour of your breasts. A breast enhancement procedure can turn your dissatisfaction with your breasts into a true love affair. Breast enhancement is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure year after year in the United States for a variety of great reasons, giving your breasts and your self-confidence a true boost. Breast enhancement procedures can address everything from drooping breasts to uneven cup size to breast reconstruction.

read more › Breast implants come in a broad array of types, including different fillings, textures, and shapes. Implants can be either silicone or saline filled. Saline is a saltwater solution that can be harmlessly absorbed by the body in the unlikely event of a rupture. Saline implants can provide excellent contour; however, they may not be as natural-looking or feeling as silicone implants, particularly for slender patients with thin skin. Saline implants are round in shape, and they can come in many projections to achieve your desired fullness.

read more › Breast implants come in an extensive array of sizes, shapes, and materials. The broad variety available makes it easier than ever to customize your outcome and achieve very natural-looking and feeling results. Breast implants can enhance breast size through Breast Augmentation, of course, and they can also make breasts fuller and more symmetrical with a Breast Lift with Implants. Dr. Moises Salama, our board certified plastic surgeon, utilizes the most advanced implants available. He can help you determine the ideal implant type based on your anatomic characteristics, lifestyle, and desired effect.

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