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Richard J Brown, MD Richard Brown is an expert plastic surgeon with a passion for improving the lives of others through cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He approaches each patient interaction with patience, compassion, and respect. Dr. Brown believes that thoroughly educating those considering plastic surgery is the best way to ensure beautiful, life-changing results.

Along with the high-quality surgical procedures, Brown Plastic Surgery is proud to offer a variety of MedSpa services for clients who want to improve their look without surgery. Our team is ready to assist you with looking and feeling your best. We offer a variety of MedSpa procedures to meet your specific needs. In consultation with Dr. Brown you can choose the medspa procedure or combination of procedures that will help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Join Dr. Brown in raising money for recovering Breast Cancer Patients through his partnership fundraiser with Barbells for Boobs, . We believe in the profound effects of movement and activity, especially post-diagnosis and recovery so we will also be offering a weekly raffle to all those who donate at least $15 equal to 1 entry for the Pumas as seen here, and for those that donate a minimum of $50, a chance to win the Yeti Cooler filled with prizes.

read more › It is a privilege to introduce you to my plastic and reconstructive surgery practice in Scottsdale. The doctor-patient relationship is a special partnership that I take seriously, and I believe that open and honest communication between doctor and patient is very important. I strongly believe that educating patients is essential and at the forefront of my approach to your surgical journey. During medical school and residency, I trained with some of the finest doctors and surgeons in this country.

read more › Our vision is to create for you a complete and personal plastic surgery experience in which your total health and well-being are at the core of your treatment. We strive to join with you in providing exceptional care by always being compassionate, professional and knowledgeable and we will always do our best to not only achieve the result you desire but become partners with you in your overall health for life. Brown Plastic Surgery is committed to helping our patients become the best version of themselves.

read more › Double Board Certified, Dr. Brown received his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School. He then completed his General Surgery residency at Northwestern University in Chicago. While at Northwestern, Dr. Brown joined Dr. Thomas Mustoe's lab and spent one year dedicated to wound healing and scarring research. During that year, he wrote and published papers in one of the top Plastic Surgery Journals, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

read more › Being a nurse is more than just a career to me. I absolutely love what I do! I truly believe I was destined to be in the aesthetics and reconstructive world. Helping people build their confidence, watching them flourish and be whoever it is that they want to be, is incredibly rewarding for me. My dedication to my education and desire to pick every great brain in the industry stems from my passion to bring my patients the very best, and nothing less. Growing up in rural Colorado gave me a strong compass and work ethic to help navigate the world of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

read more › We believe in the profound effects of movement and activity, especially post-diagnosis and recovery so we will also be offering a weekly raffle to all those who donate at least $15 equal to 1 entry for the Pumas as seen here, and for those that donate a minimum of $50, a chance to win the Yeti Cooler filled with prizes. We'll be in touch with the winner once it's drawn. The first shoes we'll be raffling are the ones you see to the left. As a dedicated organization, Barbells for Boobs meets the needs of women impacted by breast cancer by assembling a comprehensive support program focused on mind, body, and soul well-being.

read more › Hi, my name is Diana. I am a patient of Dr. Richard J. Brown. Dr. Brown has done an amazing job, my progress is great and my breasts are beautiful once again. Dr. Brown is very compassionate and professional. Thank you Dr. Brown for giving me back what cancer took away from me.*. I always knew I wanted a facelift but when and who were the unanswered questions. I met Dr. Brown and did not look back. He took all the time I needed to explain the procedure, what to expect, and answered all my questions.

read more › Dr. Brown is recognized both in his local community and the medical community as an outstanding plastic surgeon. While completing his medical degree, he wrote and published papers in one of the top plastic surgery journals, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Brown took a year off to focus his efforts on scar and wound research during his General Surgery studies. Dr. Brown still regularly contributes to the RealSelf community, educating visitors on many different aesthetic procedures. In 2012, Dr. Brown won multiple awards from RealSelf, an online community that provides information regarding cosmetic treatments and physician reviews.

read more › You don't have to live in Arizona to receive a procedure by Dr. Brown! Read below to learn about our out of town patient experience. You will receive a call from our staff 2 days prior to your consultation confirming the time. On the Day of your virtual consultation, you will receive a call from our staff connecting you with Dr. Brown. You will receive a call from our Patient Care Coordinator. Our coordinator will provide you with a quote and assist you in securing a date for your surgery. Our Patient Care Coordinator will guide you through the process of preparing for surgery and also happily assist you with any traveling needs.

read more › Plastic surgery can transform your body into the youthful, well-contoured shape that you desire. Scottsdale plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist, Dr. Richard J. Brown, consults with men and women at all stages of life to help them realize the body contours that will allow them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. In consultation with Dr. Brown, you will discuss which procedures or combination of procedures are right for you. We will listen to your desires for your body and formulate a plan to deliver the long-lasting and natural-looking results that you deserve.

read more › Long after child-bearing, a women may notice the effects of pregnancy that linger. Despite following a consistent meal plan and exercise routine, they are unable to get rid of extra skin, address deflated breasts or lose stubborn fat. A mommy makeover suggests a series of cosmetic procedures that can help rejuvenate areas of your body to a more pleasing state. This often consists of a combination of breast and body procedures that address the abdomen, breasts, and extremities. Some of the effects you may notice after having children are stubborn areas of fat, spreading of the abdominal muscles (Diastasis Recti), the formation of stretch marks, and excess skin of the abdomen, breasts or extremities.

read more › Abdominal contouring surgery is one of our most popular procedures performed here at Brown Plastic Surgery. Women and men seek this procedure whether it is from massive weight loss or from childbearing. The toned figure you desire can be yours - and it's closer than you think. By removing loose skin and tightening abdominal muscles, Dr. Brown can reveal the youthful, contoured physique that you desire. You are healthy and your weight is relatively stable but have an excess amount of loose skin and fat in the abdomen.

read more › Everyone can have stubborn fat deposits. We are born with a finite amount of fat cells. With age, a slowing metabolism can lead to excess fat deposits around the waist, buttocks, thighs, hips, knees, ankles, and stomach - which in turn can deeply impact your self-esteem. Nothing replaces a healthy meal plan and exercise for getting rid of excess fat. But, when you have maximized weight loss with a healthy meal plan and exercise, and you still have stubborn fat that you just can not get rid of, liposuction may be the procedure for you.

read more › A buttock augmentation, or Brazilian butt lift (BBL), helps improve the appearance of the gluteal area by using your body's own fat to lift, augment, and shape it. For those who are not satisfied with how their buttocks feel or look, a Brazilian butt lift can help achieve a rounder, more full, and more natural appearance. This procedure has gained a great amount of popularity over the past several years. The American Society of Plastic Surgery has reported growth as much as 20% in recent years.

read more › An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure used to reshape the upper arms by removing excess skin and fat. Many patients will say they have a "wing" appearance to their upper arms, and this is often seen with natural aging or massive weight loss. Most patients that are seeking arm rejuvenation surgery are too embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts because it is too revealing and embarrassing for them. While long-sleeves may be a quick fix, nothing can compare to the confidence you will enjoy from more toned, shapely arms that look great in any clothing.

read more › If dissatisfaction with the shape of your thighs keeps you from feeling your most confident, especially after dramatic weight loss, a thigh lift may be the ideal procedure for you. By removing excess fat and sagging skin from the thigh, the shape of the thigh can be altered, creating a more desirable contour. Excess skin is seen most commonly in patients who have massive weight loss from following a consistent meal plan and exercise routine and/or bariatric weight loss surgery. However, there are many people who have excess skin simply from the aging process.

read more › Genital rejuvenation surgery addresses all of the different issues a woman may have related to the vaginal canal or the labia. Genetics, childbirth, or aging may leave you with a more stretched vaginal canal, or excess inner labia tissue that makes you feel self-conscious. Excess inner labia tissue may also lead to pain or discomfort during sex or exercise and prevent you from wearing swimsuits or other tight clothing items. More rarely you can have enlarged or not enough tissue in the labia majora or outer labia.

read more › Breast surgery can be a life-changing endeavor. Dr. Richard J. Brown treats patients of all ages, from their twenties to their eighties and before and after childbearing. If you are a good candidate for surgery and it's the right time one of the many breast procedures may be what helps you achieve the best version of yourself. Each patient is unique and we recognize that. We truly listen to your desires and reasons for choosing surgery. We encourage each patient to compile a list of reasons to outline what you are hoping to achieve with surgery.

read more › At Brown Plastic Surgery, we believe that artistry is far beyond simply creating a larger breast. With a meticulous eye and unique understanding of each patient, Dr. Brown aspires to create beautiful breasts that fit his clients' bodies, thus creating a classy feminine silhouette that suits the patient and looks incredibly natural. You have reasonable expectations for surgery and are willing to follow all of Dr. Brown's postsurgical advice. These prices reflect starting costs for procedures and do not include additional costs that may be necessary such as: Facility Fees, Anesthesia Fees, Surgical Garments, Implants, Overnight Recovery Center, Surgical Assist, etc.

read more › There are many reasons women may desire a breast lift procedure. The most common causes of breast sagging, known as breast ptosis, are from childbearing changes, massive weight loss, or aging. Some women have marked breast ptosis at a young age despite these mentioned common reasons. With age, the breasts begin to sag and lose their shape due to loss of elasticity of skin as well as loss of breast volume. This can leave many women self-conscious about their appearance. When this occurs, a breast lift (Mastopexy) can be an incredible way to elevate and reshape breasts, restoring your youthful contour and natural firmness.

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