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In gratitude for the opportunity to do something I love to do, I give back to my specialty when and where I can. Previously I've served on the Safety Task Force of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and currently I volunteer as an outside medical consultant in cosmetic surgery cases for the Arizona Medical Board. My journey led me to plastic surgery so I could make a difference in people's lives by bringing out their inner beauty.

Understanding my patient's aesthetic goals allows me to help build their confidence and empower them to define their own success and become their best selves. Peoria Cosmetic Surgery is a boutique cosmetic surgery practice located in Peoria Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. We provide the highest quality cosmetic procedures both surgical and non-surgical in a state-of-art fully accredited office-based surgery.

Here at Peoria Cosmetic Surgery, our goal, our passion, that which gives us the greatest satisfaction is your happiness with our work. What is unique about us is that we recognize that you are unique-your desires, expectations, your genetics, the context of your life, and the constraints on your time and budget.

read more › Years ago while in medical school I recall one of our professors, a world- renowned orthopedic surgeon, telling us that a surgeon was just a physician with a craft. His implied message was clear: To be a good surgeon required being first and foremost being a good physician. My career has been a long road following that advice. Shortly after graduating from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, I emigrated from my native Canada to Arizona. For the following two decades I was a physician first and foremost.

read more › Dr Fisher and the whole staff has made me very comfortable. Very courteous, caring and positive people. Never once did they let me down and listened to all my concerns and knew exactly what I wanted. If I had to grade you, I would give the whole staff a A+. My whole experience with Dr. Fisher & his staff was wonderful! I am so happy with my results and will always recommend you to anyone I know that is considering cosmetic surgery. I really appreciated the time and attention Dr Fisher gave me at each and every visit including my initial consultation.

read more › As we age or with substantial weight loss, our necks tend to sag often with unsightly vertical bands. For those for whom this is a major concern and who neither need nor want a facelift, a neck lift procedure can offer them the improvement they seek. A neck lift is essentially the neck portion of a facelift, treating everything below the jawline.

read more › As we get older, time, heredity, sun exposure, fat and bone resorption conspire to change our faces in ways that many of us find undesirable. Our cheeks begin to sag forming creases or furrows from the edge of our nose to the corner of our mouth and jowls appear along our jaw lines giving our face a harsh, tired, 'squared-off' look. Unsightly vertical wrinkles can form in our cheeks and above our upper lips. The skin of our necks often sags below the chin obscuring the youthful angle between the undersurface of our chin and neck.

read more › When compared to other cosmetic surgical procedures, targeting the excess skin from the upper eyelids and fat from the lower eyelids are small procedures. However, the results of these surgeries are often the most dramatic and satisfying of any we perform. The technical name for the eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty. In our practice, we perform our blepharoplasties with the carbon dioxide laser.

read more › Chin and cheek implants are soft silicone devices, made to enhance a deficient chin or replace the volume lost in our cheeks. These implants are exceedingly safe long term, easily placed, and, unlike anything else we offer in cosmetic surgery, both very long-lasting and reversible. That is they will last as long as you do and if at some point you do not like them - they can be taken out. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be customized to fit individual needs quite nicely. Facial implants are wonderful devices, the "icing on the cake" when added to other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as a facelift or neck lift, often turning a potentially good result into a spectacular one.

read more › We are pleased to introduce an exciting new advance in skin rejuvenation to our Phoenix area cosmetic surgery practice: the fractional CO2 laser. Cosmetic surgeons have been using the CO2 laser for more than a decade to rejuvenate the skin of the face. CO2 lasers work by vaporizing the outer layer of the skin in a controlled manner, a process known as ablation. As the skin heals from being ablated, new collagen production within the skin is stimulated. It is this new collagen that is responsible for the reduction of wrinkles, acne scars, brown spots, and the overall improvement in the texture and tone of the skin.

read more › By the time we are in our mid-thirties, our eyebrows start to drop. As we age, this descent of our eyebrows becomes more obvious with the following consequences: hooding of the skin above our upper eyelids, "crow's feet" wrinkles at the outer edge of our eyes, a narrowed appearance of our eyes, horizontal forehead lines, and vertical frown lines; all tending to make us look older, sadder, or angrier. A browlift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to elevate the eyebrows, reducing the hooding above the upper eyelids, making the eyes appear more open, improving the crow's feet, forehead creases, and frown lines; a facelift for the forehead.

read more › We can do a great deal to improve the look and shape of your ears with our surgical procedures all of which are performed either entirely under local anesthesia or with the addition of minimal conscious sedation (twilight sleep). Following ear surgery our patients experience very little postoperative discomfort, short recovery periods, and almost universally satisfying results.

read more › Quite likely, you, like most woman feel entitled to attractive youthful-looking breasts. When nature leaves you underendowed; if the shape of your breasts is less than pleasing; if pregnancy or weight loss has left them depleted of their former volume and saggy, you can now turn to the cosmetic breast augmentation surgeon for reliable help. With today's safe, effective surgical techniques and superb brest implant devices, we can achieve the look that you want with the minimum of discomfort and recovery time.

read more › Following weight loss, pregnancy, especially after breastfeeding, some women find their breasts have lost substantial volume and sag undesirably. To address this problem we offer a breast lift or mastopexy, a surgical procedure that reshapes and lifts droopy sagging breasts, moving the nipple areolar complexes higher, restoring a more youthful and "perky" appearance.

read more › Lately, we have seen a surge in requests from women to remove their old breast implants and replace them with new ones. The most common reason they want this done is that their breasts no longer look good, most of them having been augmented many years before. As gravity and age have their way, the breast tissue may have stretched, sliding off the implants giving them a strange droopy look. This is known as a cascade deformity. The breast capsule encasing the implants may have loosened allowing the implants to ride too low or fall off to the side of the chest wall when lying down.

read more › At last, a trimmer, healthier, better-looking body can be yours. Imagine having the body you've always wanted. What would it mean to you if you never wanted to turn away from a full-length mirror again? Or how great would it feel not to come home empty-handed from shopping for new clothes. Well, it's all possible. In fact, Dr. Richard Fisher at Peoria Cosmetic Surgery has helped many people just like you feel more confident, secure, and just plain happy with their bodies. Many of those people didn't think anything would help.

read more › With good reason, the majority of cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who practice liposuction are very reluctant or decline altogether to perform this procedure on calves. For many, it's just too difficult to achieve satisfactory results on this area of the body. Requiring meticulous technique, a strong aesthetic sense of just how calves should look, and experience, hard to come by, as requests for this procedure are rare, calf liposuction is quite demanding. Perhaps, because of the time I spent earlier in my life teaching myself how to draw and paint, improving my eye for proper body symmetry; or perhaps because of my assiduous attention to detail in developing my craft as cosmetic surgeon, I am fortunate to find it both easy and enjoyable to give women the shapely calves they want.

read more › Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a "tummy tuck, " is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedures. Many women after pregnancy as well as both men and women after weight loss suffer unsightly, loose, hanging, and stretched out skin over their abdomen. When severe, neither exercise, further dieting, nor any non or minimally invasive treatment can tighten this skin. This is where a properly performed surgical procedure, the tummy tuck can offer a dramatic improvement. A tummy tuck leaves you with a flatter, more-toned abdominal area that fits the natural contours of your body.

read more › In the field of cosmetic surgery, the search for a technology that can safely and effectively tighten loose skin without cutting and removing it has been ongoing for years. Many devices using laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound energy have appeared on the scene only to disappear when the results they delivered were either disappointing or fraught with unacceptable complications. Sometimes both. This has all changed now with a remarkable new technology called Renuvion, a helium-based plasma device.

read more › Hair loss is one of the most common things that happen to us as we get older. Of the approximately 110,000 hairs we have on average, we lose about a 100 per day so that 60 percent of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 60 and 80 percent of women. Treatments for this condition to date have included the surgical procedure of hair transplantation and medications such as minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). More recently, concentrated platelets derived from a person's own blood known as PRP or PRFM (PRP in its activated form) when injected into the scalp have shown great promise in the restoration of hair in those suffering from unwanted and unsightly hair loss.

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