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Dr. Max Polo is a premier Miami plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who specializes in Mommy Makeover procedures. Dr. Polo has been in practice in South Florida for more than 17 years. He regularly performs non-surgical and surgical aesthetic procedures of the face breast and body. His particular area of expertise is in breast and body contouring surgery.

Through many years of ongoing study and practice, Dr. Polo has developed the knowledge and experience that allows him to assess every Mommy Makeover candidate and prescribe the most appropriate customized treatment plan for each individual patient. Dr. Polo will then deliver the highest quality of state of the art surgical techniques in order to achieve consistently excellent results confirmed by the highest level of authenticated patient satisfaction.

read more › The mommy makeover refers to combined cosmetic surgery procedures for breast and body rejuvenation following pregnancy and child birth. Among the greatest gifts that we experience in life is the gift of children. For mothers however, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding can take a toll on their bodies. The physiologic effects of child bearing impact many organ systems and anatomical parts, particularly the breasts and abdomen. Even following a single pregnancy and especially following multiple pregnancies, changes in the appearance and aesthetics of these body parts may be significant and irreversible.

read more › All the aspects of motherhood combined can take a toll on many different body parts, and these changes are not limited to the breasts and abdomen. During the journey of completing their Mommy Makeover, many patients may wish to undergo some type of facial rejuvenation. This may involve everything from finding an appropriate skin care regimen to non-surgical treatments or even aesthetic surgical procedures. Although Dr. Polo focuses on breast and body rejuvenation, he also has extensive experience in facial rejuvenation from his more than 17 years in private practice.

read more › To find out if you are a candidate for surgery please schedule a consultation with Dr. Max Polo by calling 305-595-2969 or e-mailing info@miamiplasticsurgery.com. After a mommy makeover you want to avoid exercise, lifting, and any rigorous activity until your doctor gives you the all clear. You can expect to be back to work within 10-14 days and back to normal exercise and activities within a month. There is minimal scarring at the incision sites which can be further improved using topical treatments such as ScarGuard or BioCorneum.

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