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Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett is a top-rated plastic and reconstructive surgeon with offices in Alameda and Brentwood. He serves San Francisco Bay Area communities including Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Pleasanton.

He is board-certified as a plastic surgeon by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, The American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and is the proud recipient of multiple awards including Patient Choices Award for five consecutive years, Vitals Awards for promptness & compassion, Best of Brentwood and California for Plastic Surgery, and for praises on Yelp reviews.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett specializes in many cosmetic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job), and tummy tuck.Our MediSpa offers a variety of services, such as Botox, lip augmentation, CoolSculpting, laser skin treatments, chemical peels, and dermal fillers. Dr. Moulton-Barrett specializes in many cosmetic surgery procedures including, breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job) and tummy tuck.

read more › Greetings, I am one of the people who takes care of our patients before, during and after surgery. S, hablo espaol. If there is an in office procedure, I am the person who sets up for the case and assists during the procedure. After surgery, in office, hospital or surgery center you will meet me during your post- surgery care. I strive to be the best nurse I can be in providing excellent patient care! I believe that compassion and kindness to patients helps in creating a one of a kind experience.

read more › If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Walnut Creek, Oakland, Brentwood or Alameda and around the Bay area, there is no finer choice than Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett. As a licensed member of the California medical community since 1989, he has come to enjoy working in Alta Bates, Sutter Delta, and Oakland Children's Hospital cosmetic surgery offices. Call our Alameda office at 510.379.7919 or our Brentwood office at 925.350.8752 for a consultation. There are several convenient locations in the Bay Area where Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett offers non-surgical aesthetic procedures as well as surgical cosmetic procedures.

read more › Paid parking is available 24/7 in the garage on 52nd Street adjacent to Outpatient Clinic, across the street from the Main Hospital. To help meet your transportation needs we offer free shuttle service between Children's Hospital and the MacArthur BART station, Monday-Friday, 5:50 AM to 12:10 AM in the evening. There is no service on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

read more › We welcome you to contact the plastic surgery offices of Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD. to schedule a consultation with the doctor. During the consultation, the doctor will address, each of the questions you have and you will have an opportunity to discuss the various choices which are currently available, regarding cosmetic procedures including surgery. Request your appointment now with Dr. Moulton-Barrett by completing below form. We will call or email you back with available times and help you schedule the appointment.

read more › Breast Augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Breast implants can help do more than just improve aesthetic appearances. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett offers breast augmentation with implants to help women achieve lasting self-esteem and positive self-images in the San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda and Brentwood. Over 280,000 women in the United States opted for breast augmentation surgery in 2015 of which 98% of women felt the results reached or exceeded their expectations.

read more › Breast lift surgery is designed to improve the appearance of sagging or ptotic breasts. The Breast Lift and augmentation restores or adds volume to the breasts with saline or silicone breast implants. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett performs combination breast lift and augmentation in Alameda and Brentwood to increase breast size while improving breast shape. To find out if a breast lift and augmentation is right for you, request a consultation with Dr. Moulton-Barrett. The etiology is varied and can be due to several components but gravity seems to be a common factor.

read more › Each year more than 250,000 American women face the reality of either invasive or noninvasive breast cancer. New kinds of treatment, new legislature regarding insurance coverage, as well as improved reconstructive surgery means that women who have breast cancer today have more choices. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett offers advanced breast reconstruction in Alameda and Brentwood to restore each patient's appearance and self-image. To learn about your breast reconstruction options, request a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett.

read more › Breast Revision surgery refers to a variety of procedures designed to reshape or improve the appearance of breasts that have been previously operated upon. Some breasts may have a less-than-ideal aesthetic outcome or may have symptoms such as tightness or pain. Correction can be for cosmetic purposes or post-reconstruction; all require experience, judgment and skill of the surgeon. Breast revision surgery, which commonly involves removal and/or replacement of saline or silicone breast implants, is performed to change the size or type of your implants and to correct any complications from your primary breast augmentation.

read more › Gender dysphoria occurs in 0.3% of the population. The female-to-male (FTM) gender reassignment surgery in our Alameda and Brentwood practice involves removing both breasts: termed mastectomy, with preservation of the nipple areola complex and with the creation of a contoured, male-looking chest. People undergoing gender reassignment surgery, desire to make their body as congruent as possible with their preferred sex through surgery and/or hormone treatment. Sex reassignment surgery, along with hormone therapy and real-life experience, has been proven to be effective in persons with transsexualism or profound Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

read more › Cosmetic surgery is used to enhance the appearance of your face or body. It may also be used to restore your appearance if age, sun damage or a change in body weight has affected the way you look. Dr. Rex E. Moulton-Barrett performs plastic surgery in Alameda and Brentwood d legs. Dr. Moulton-Barrett can help you create an outcome that will be aesthetically pleasing by providing recommendations based on years of experience. He'll use the latest technology and surgical techniques, providing you with a piece of mind and beautiful results.

read more › Arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) is a cosmetic surgery that can get rid of sagging skin and excess fat tissue on the upper arm. A brachioplasty will tone, reshape, and enhance the appearance of arms that have an undesirable appearance due to dramatic weight loss or aging. The results Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett provides with an upper arm lift in Alameda and Brentwood cannot be achieved without surgical intervention. Furthermore, the surgery is typically an outpatient procedure. The minimally invasive procedure and notable results have made it widely popular.

read more › Ear lobe repair is a cosmetic surgery used to repair the damage to the earlobe, usually by earrings. If the ear is not properly pierced, the hole may be located too close to the edge and heavy earrings can drag on the earlobe, ultimately creating a rip in the ear. An over eager toddler may yank too hard on an earring or a dangling earring may become caught without your knowledge. For years, many women and men felt they had no choice but to live with the painful, and at times embarrassing, consequences of these accidents.

read more › If you have loose, droopy eyelids, you may be an excellent candidate for an eyelid lift, technically called blepharoplasty. First and foremost, you must understand the procedure and have realistic expectations of what the eyelid surgery can and can't do for your eyes. In addition to the results mentioned above, an added benefit may be improved vision. If your existing vision issues are caused by excess or drooping skin blocking your vision, eyelid surgery may significantly improve your vision. In addition, if your sagging eyelids actually interfere with your vision, your health insurance may cover the cost of the procedure.

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