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Elliott B Lavey, MD Procedures include breast augmentation, breast reshaping, breast reduction, male gynecomastia treatment. Procedures include contouring after large weight loss, tummy tuck, gynecomastia, liposuction, back, thigh and buttock lifts. I am certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and have been specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery for 34 years.

I came here after spending four years in medical school and six years in plastic surgery residency at Stanford University. I became a plastic surgeon, because I am passionate about using my artistic sense and surgical skills to enhance my patients' bodies. Over the years, I have developed some innovative surgical techniques, and use the most effective surgical procedures and technologies for my patients.

Your happiness is my top priority. I want you to feel better about yourself and to have increased self-confidence. My objective is to match the person my patients see in their mind with the one they see in the mirror. One thing that makes my practice special is that I perform all medical care myself.

read more › 1983 - completed combined general surgery/plastic surgery residency Stanford University, including one year of international plastic surgery training (Hadassah Hospitals in Israel). I have published in the major American peer-reviewed plastic surgery journals. Please contact my office for a list of research articles. I have provided instruction to other plastic surgeons on use of a new filling material, and on how to minimize postoperative nausea and vomiting. Recently, I have presented papers on forehead lifting and back contouring at the Plastic Surgery at the Red Sea International Symposium in Israel, and to the California Society of Plastic Surgeons.

read more › A facelift makes the cheeks and neck more youthful and more attractive. As we age, our skin stretches and loses its elasticity. Fat remains attached to the skin, so there is often an excess of fat in the inner cheek folds and in the jowls. Often, the underlying primitive muscle layer stretches and contributes to sagging of the cheeks and loss of a youthful neck contour. Over the past several years, we have become aware that some of us also lose fat in the middle of our cheeks and temples as we age.

read more › Traditional (uses a scar from one ear to the other, and is very effective in eliminating scowling). Endoscopic (uses five small scars, and is very effective in elevating the forehead accurately). For more details and to find out if you are a candidate for a forehead lift, please contact our office at 925-820-3633 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lavey.

read more › The "closed" technique is used mostly for patients having changes in the upper two-thirds of their nose. All scars are inside the nose. The open technique is very useful to precisely change the shape of the nasal tip in addition to the upper nose. It includes an external (outside) scar across the strut between the nostrils. The goal is to provide symmetry and proportion to the upper, middle, and lower parts of the nose. This is done by either reducing, increasing, narrowing, or widening appropriate parts.

read more › When interacting with others, the eyes and eyelids are probably the most important features on our face. They show a tremendous amount of emotion. It is natural for us to gaze into each other's eyes to determine happiness, sadness, anger, vigor or fatigue. Any visit to a store selling cosmetics attests to the emphasis on the attractiveness of the eyelids. In order for these cosmetics to be really effective, they have to be applied to well-shaped, smooth eyelids. Taking away the excess skin and puffiness that occurs with aging is the purpose of eyelid surgery.

read more › All breast prostheses have a silicone plastic outer envelope. The envelope contains either saline (salt water of the same concentration that bathes all our body tissues) or silicone (more like the feel of natural breast tissue). Most breast prostheses are round, although some are teardrop-shaped, with more fullness in the lower part. Most breast prostheses are "moderate profile, " although some women choose "moderate plus" or "high profile" implants. These have a narrower diameter, more projection, and more upper fullness.

read more › Enhances the volume of the pectoral major muscles to give a stronger, more masculine look. Excess breast volume caused by fat only may be corrected with very small scars using liposuction. This may also tighten the skin a little. Moderate or large excesses of skin are corrected by removing the excess skin. This often leaves long scars. Sometimes, excess folds in the armpits or mid-back (usually, in advanced age or after large weight losses) are removed by extending the scars to the back. Flat pectoralis muscles are enhanced with exercise (heavy weight lifting) and sometimes with insertion of semi-firm (the consistency of "gummy bears") implants placed below the muscles.

read more › Maybe the Michelin boy likes the way he looks, but the rest of us are usually not pleased to have folds of excess skin and fat in our abdomen. These folds are unsightly, and finding attractive clothing (especially bathing suits and other form-fitting outfits) is challenging and often frustrating. The folds are bulky and uncomfortable, and may cause rashes and irritation. These folds usually occur when patients gain and then lose a lot of weight. This frequently occurs with pregnancies or with obesity reversed by diet and exercise programs or after bariatric surgery.

read more › The effects of weight gain and loss, especially after multiple pregnancies, takes a toll and can result in loose, sagging skin in the abdomen and breasts that many women wish to change. Dr. Elliott Lavey's mommy makeover cosmetic surgery procedures for women can help bring back your pre-pregnancy body. Many women successfully lose much, if not all, of their pregnancy weight. This can actually exacerbate the problems for them, leaving them with even more loose skin that cannot be made firm again on its own.

read more › With age or after extreme weight loss, patients from Danville and surrounding communities may notice loose skin on different areas of your body. Loose skin on your stomach may be more obvious, excess skin on your back is not uncommon. Your clothes may not fit well and you may be self-conscious about exposing your back if you have sagging or bulging back skin. Even the best fitness or weight loss regime may be unable to combat this problem. This is why many people in the Danville area are seeking cosmetic back lift surgery from Dr. Elliott Lavey.

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