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We're proud to be creating amazing results for patients in the Houston area and beyond, and we just can't wait to learn more about how we can help you meet your cosmetic goals. A patient-centric approach sits at the very heart of our commitment to cosmetic excellence. Dr. Balinger delivers a boutique level of service, with every treatment 100 percent customized to the individual.

Your journey, when under the care of Dr. Balinger and his professional staff, will be performed with ultimate attention to detail. Dr. Balinger has the mission to ensure your comfort at every phase of the process, including being focused on you throughout your recovery to ensure you achieve the outcome you envision. Dr. Balinger is more than a surgeon - he is an artist.

The combination of carefully performed surgery and our array of state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments is the ideal way to create a result that is refreshed, elegant, and beautifully natural in appearance. Dr. Balinger and his team perform a wide range of advanced treatments for the face, breasts, and body.

read more › Christopher Balinger, MD, is recognized as a respected leader in the plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive industry. His practice, Houston Plastic Surgery Associates, is known for consistently achieving results that look exceptionally natural, refreshed, and refined. Dr. Balinger delivers a boutique level of service, with every treatment 100 percent customized to the individual. He is personally committed to providing individualized service and care and is always available to respond to your questions or concerns.

read more › If you are considering plastic surgery, your surgeon's skills, techniques, and artistry could not be more important. While all plastic surgeons are educated, they are not equal in natural talent and artistry. Dr. Christopher Balinger has a unique combination of advanced training coupled with an artist's eye for balance and harmony. He has garnered a reputation as being one of the most talented plastic surgeons practicing in Houston and for achieving world-class results. If you have decided it is time to undergo a surgical procedure or a non-surgical enhancement, you want to be confident under your doctor's care.

read more › Balinger Plastic Surgery is a private, boutique practice in Houston, TX, known for achieving exceptional results and the warmth and care provided to every patient. Dr. Balinger is a rare talent and takes the art of plastic surgery to the next level. His offices are equipped with the latest generation of aesthetic devices, and every treatment is delivered with meticulous attention to detail. His patients trust and rely on his talent, honesty, and dedication to achieving beautiful results every time.

read more › Many of our patients come to Dr. Balinger from distant cities, states, or countries. Those who demand superior results from plastic surgery are welcomed at our practice in Houston. We are proud to have a reputation for excellence in surgical and non-surgical treatments and the outstanding level of patient care we provide. Our support staff will assist you with the details of your trip, including guidance on accommodations, skilled nursing care when needed, along with places to go while enjoying the city, such as restaurants, shopping, and activities.

read more › At Balinger Plastic Surgery in Houston, we understand that you may need to finance a procedure you want now. We offer financing options to our patients who are ready to undergo a surgical procedure or one of our range of aesthetic services. We offer several ways you can finance your treatment, allowing you to pay off the cost over time rather than all at once. Every treatment is customized, and it is quite possible to cover the entire cost of your procedures. We also take a range of credit cards if your treatment is higher in cost than the financing company offers.

read more › Cosmetic surgery is a popular way to improve your face and body. The procedures help with signs of aging, natural flaws and other concerns. Dr. Balinger offers plastic surgery for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the surrounding areas of Texas. Plastic surgery includes specialized surgical procedures to improve the face and body for aesthetic purposes. We offer procedures for adult men and women to help with sagging skin, excess fat, body changes due to pregnancy, and many other concerns. Our cosmetic surgery procedures can be combined with medical spa treatments to help with any superficial flaws, such as wrinkles, acne and age spots.

read more › Breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lifts, and revision surgery are just some of the ways that we help patients feel more comfortable with their breast shape and size. Dr. Balinger offers breast surgery for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the surrounding areas of Texas. Breast surgery includes procedures for men and women that change the shape and size of the breasts. This may include making the breasts larger, smaller, symmetrical, or more pleasing to the eye. Mastopexy lifts sagging breasts and is often recommended for women who have drooping breasts due to aging & after having children.

read more › Your body is yours to create, and if you are considering breast augmentation, choosing the right plastic surgeon is of critical importance. Whether you want to make your vision for your body a reality or enhance your breasts' look after losing weight, you deserve the best. Dr. Balinger is a highly skilled breast augmentation surgeon who is known for achieving results that look and feel natural, balanced, and lovely. You have a unique beauty, and with our custom approach to breast augmentation, you can experience feelings of empowerment and confidence.

read more › A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a custom surgical procedure to bring the breasts a beautiful, natural-looking lift. You may be considering a breast lift due to changes in your breast tissues that occurred over time, after having children, or after a significant weight loss. The condition of your breasts can change over time and may be affected by gravity, loss of skin elasticity, or the weight of larger breasts. A breast lift is a custom surgery that reshapes the breast mound to be firm and rounded, can relocate the nipple structure to be centered and balanced (or reduce nipple size), and remove any excess skin causing the breasts to sit lower on the chest wall.

read more › Many women inherit an overabundance of breast tissue and find that they are less comfortable than they want due to the weight of their breasts. It is not uncommon for women to experience symptoms such as neck ache, back pain, develop deep bra grooves in the shoulders, or rashes, to name just a few. When a medical condition is the result of an excess of breast tissue, breast reduction may be fully or partially covered by your health insurance. At Balinger Plastic Surgery, we offer a boutique level of service in custom breast reduction surgeries.

read more › You may need to undergo breast revision to replace older implants, correct a cosmetic issue, or resolve a complication from a primary breast augmentation. In any case, these procedures should be performed by an experienced and talented plastic surgeon to ensure superior results. Breast revision surgery is always a customized procedure. Any issues related to a breast augmentation that either failed to meet your expectations or led to complications need to be resolved correctly and with precision surgical techniques.

read more › Breast reconstruction can be a critical aspect of the recovery from breast cancer surgery. Whether after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, the affected breast can be recreated to appear as close to a natural breast as is possible with modern aesthetic reconstructive surgery. Under the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance companies are required to cover some or all of the cost of breast reconstruction, and it is your right to undergo this procedure. The surgical approach needed will vary, woman to woman, and every breast reconstruction surgery is 100 percent customized.

read more › If you are wanting to find a new way to improve your body shape when diet and exercise fail, learn more about our body sculpting procedures. Dr. Balinger offers body contouring for men and women in Houston, Conroe, and the surrounding areas of Texas. Body sculpting is a range of cosmetic procedures that helps give your body a more toned appearance. Most of the body contouring procedures that we offer focus on removing excess fat and skin that makes your body appear flabby and out of shape. A tummy tuck can be performed to create a more sculpted, shapely figure for higher BMI patients.

read more › Exercise and dieting may not be enough to help you achieve an attractive, flat abdomen. Over time, or due to weight gain and loss, pregnancy, or genetics, you may have a bulging, fatty tummy that no exercise will resolve. The abdomen is one of the most difficult areas to tone, as it has a high quantity of subcutaneous fat that conceals the muscle contours, and the muscle structure itself can become looser and unable to snap back and return to the firm, fit look of youth. A Tummy tuck - also referred to as abdominoplasty - is a plastic surgery procedure to create a taut, well-contoured belly.

read more › At one time, plus-sized women who wanted to undergo a tummy tuck were turned away or told to "lose weight" to become eligible for a tummy tuck. Times have changed, and newer advanced procedures allow women who meet certain health criteria to have a custom procedure, a "plus-sized tummy tuck." A tummy tuck can be performed to create a more sculpted, shapely figure for higher BMI patients. A plus-sized tummy tuck is a term for abdominal surgery performed on heavier women. It produces a remarkable reshaping effect, creating a more hourglass figure.

read more › Exercise and diet can help you achieve a more attractive figure. Unfortunately, no matter how dedicated you are to diet and exercise, some stubborn pockets of fat just won't disappear. Liposuction is the procedure of choice for people who are looking to get rid of excess fat and sculpt their body to an attractive, toned contour. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the USA. In a recent year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found that more than 265,200 people has undergone liposuction.

read more › Childbirth and raising a family is one of life's most rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, pregnancy and breastfeeding often lead to changes such as sagging breasts, a loose tummy, stretch marks, and fatty areas that linger on various parts of the body. Even as you embrace the joys of childbearing, your feelings of self-esteem and happiness can be negatively affected if your body no longer has the firm, fit appearance it had before having children. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgeries that are designed to restore a woman's pre-pregnancy body.

read more › If you have sagging, droopy skin and fat on your upper arms, a custom arm lift can restore your arms to appear more sculpted, shapely, and attractive. Saggy or fatty upper arms can cause you to be embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops or other revealing styles. Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure to recontour the upper arms and restore your confidence! Imagine having youthful, firm upper arms and the freedom to wear sleeveless tops, swimsuits, or nothing at all with total confidence that your arms look beautiful.

read more › A body lift is custom plastic surgery to repair the underlying tissues and remove excess fat and skin on your body to create a shapely, taut look. This procedure may include the abdominal area, the sides and lower back, the buttocks, and the inner and outer thighs. By removing excess fat and skin, it can also smooth the look of dimpled, irregularly-textured skin. Body lift surgery is a cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of the torso, thighs, hips, and other areas of the body. It is often performed on individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight.

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