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Jarrell Plastic Surgery Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a very personal and individualized choice. Dr. Jarrell strives for you to feel comfortable not only during your office visit but through your entire surgical journey. We are conveniently located off of Eagle Road in Meridian and Dr. Jarrell serves patients throughout the entire Treasure Valley and parts of Southern and Eastern Idaho.

Dr. Jarrell visits sees patients from communities like yours every day, including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Caldwell, Ketchum, Sun Valley and Twin Falls. We invite you to visit our practice and we look forward to meeting you in the near future! Dr. Jarrell is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. He is board-certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

He has completed extensive and rigorous training to be able to provide his patients the most up to date and safest care. When choosing a plastic surgeon it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Jarrell understands this and strives to educate his patients so that they feel confident with their decision to proceed with this very personalized type of surgery.

Jarrel Plastic Surgery is conveniently located to patients living in Meridian, Idaho serving patients in the surrounding Treasure Valley in Idaho in cities like Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star and Caldwell. Dr. Jarrel is currently on staff at the following hospitals: Treasure Valley Hospital and St. Luke's Medical Center in Boise, St. Luke's in Meridian

The ability to listen, provide compassionate care and educate his patients are all values that Dr. Jarrell holds highly and are some of the driving forces in his practice. His goals are to partner with his patients, to listen carefully to their concerns and to provide treatments that are specifically tailored to each individual and their goals. Plastic

Augmentation mammaplasty (breast augmentation) is performed to increase or enhance breast size and/or correct breast asymmetry whether it is from congenital asymmetry or breast cancer treatment. Many factors can affect breast size including pregnancy, changes in body weight, or age. Breast may also be underdeveloped, disproportionate to your body or

Women may choose to have breast implant revision surgery following their original breast augmentation procedure for various reasons. In most cases this involves removal of the existing implant usually with replacement with new implants. There may be device issues such as leakage, deflation or rupture. The implants may have become firm, hard or displaced

Not all patients decide to undergo a mastectomy. For many patients a lumpectomy may be an option for treatment of your breast cancer. This is a discussion that usually takes between patients and their breast cancer surgeon (general surgeon). In certain patients an oncoplastic reconstruction may be an option. Ideal candidates are patients who are healthy

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