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Welcome to Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners, a division of Blue Water Spa. Our mission is to provide each client with individualized care, specifically tailored to their personal needs and goals, and to provide an environment which is peaceful, relaxing and restorative. In addition, we have fully integrated the Blue Water Medical Spa to our extensive plastic and reconstructive surgery practice.

The advantage of this approach is that all individual aesthetic needs can be met in one location. Structural fat grafting is a powerful tool for correcting one of the primary processes of facial aging: the gradual loss of facial soft tissue volume, which primarily represents the atrophy of facial fatty tissue. Dr. Michael Law is dedicated to serving Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding areas for all cosmetic and reconstructive enhancement needs.

Dr. Michael Law is a board-certified plastic surgeon who grew up in Raleigh NC. Upon completing his surgical training, he remained in California where he had a successful aesthetic plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills.

read more › It is rather a matter of whether or not an individual wants cosmetic surgery. God makes us all, and all of our parts, in different shapes and sizes - and all of it changes with age. Cosmetic surgery can help to create more ideal facial profiles and body proportions, and it can help a person to appear to 'age gracefully', but you certainly don't have to have cosmetic surgery to be beautiful or handsome. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder; it is, more importantly, in the eye of the beheld.

read more › Our facility is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). This is a national, not-for-profit, organization dedicated to raising the level of safety and quality of care in all health care settings. JCAHO has been the Gold Standard in evaluating hospitals for more than 50 years. Accreditation means that this office has volunteered to undergo the same challenging, comprehensive evaluation as the hospitals in our community. A very small percentage of offices across the country have actually gone through this type of evaluation.

read more › After meeting with Dr. Law at your consultation, you then will be provided with a quote for your customized surgical plan. Once you decide you are ready to proceed, you will be able to review the surgical schedule and select a surgery date that best suits your schedule. Once that date is chosen, an additional appointment will be scheduled about one month prior to your surgery date. This appointment is your pre-op. At this appointment you will meet with Dr. Law to finalize your surgical plan, make any necessary alterations as well as take photos and meet with his Nurse Practitioner, Tracy.

read more › Internationally recognized and respected plastic surgeon in Raleigh, NC. Your safety, comfort, and beautiful, natural-looking results are the highest priority of our physicians and their team. Anesthesia is provided by a team of board-certified MD anesthesiologists each of whom regularly provides anesthesia care to Blue Water Plastic Surgery patients. Patient safety and comfort is their highest priority. All Blue Water Plastic Surgery surgical nurses are highly experienced nursing professionals.

read more › All major surgical procedures performed at The Plastic Surgery Center are conducted under anesthesia provided by an experienced, board-certified MD anesthesiologist. Your anesthesia MD will evaluate you prior to surgery, accompany you to the O.R., remain with you throughout the entire surgical procedure, and will then accompany you to the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (the PACU, aka the recovery room). Your anesthesia MD will remain on site until you have reached the point of recovery where continuous monitoring of vital signs is no longer required and you are close to being ready for discharge from The Plastic Surgery Center.

read more › The tail of the brow can start to fall with aging and the brow shape flattens or even looks droopy. This makes others perceive you as melancholy or tired. A lateral, or temporal, brow lift elevates the tail of the brow, restoring the shape of the arch and making patients appear rejuvenated, rested, and more feminine. This can be accomplished through a small incision behind the hair line on each side that is imperceptible after it heals. Brow asymmetry as also very common and this can be improved with a temporal brow lift.

read more › As we age, facial skin and fat begin to descend and the tapered cone shape of youth looks more like an egg, wider on the bottom. Patients complain of jowling and heaviness of the neck underneath the chin. The goal of a lower face and neck lift is to reposition the tissues upward where they belong and remove excess skin. This creates a smooth neck and jawline contour and tightens the skin. Fat grafting is often used in combination with a lower face and neck lift to improve areas of hollowing such as the temples, upper cheeks, and nasolabial folds.

read more › Fat grafting is a powerful and versatile technique that we can use to improve the contours of the face especially in areas where youthful fullness is lost. Fat is removed from an area of excess, like the abdomen or flanks, and transferred to areas of hollowing in the face. It acts essentially as a permanent all-natural filler. Fat grafting can be performed alone or in combination with other facial procedures such as face and neck lift or eyelid rejuvenation. As we age, we lose volume in our facial tissues, both fat and bone, and facial fat descends.

read more › Patients often come in to discuss chin liposuction after seeing themselves in photographs and discovering a double chin. Many people have a stubborn fat pocket under the chin that persists despite diet, exercise, and weight loss. For some, the allure of the contoured jawline they've seen on social media is what brings them in. In today's selfie culture, the jawline is constantly in the spotlight. Liposuction is a simple procedure with minimal downtime that creates a more defined neck and jawline.

read more › Breast augmentation involves the placement of an implant behind the breast tissue to enhance the shape and enlarge the breast. There are many reasons why women seek breast augmentation. Some women naturally have small breasts and want to feel more feminine and curvy. Other women have diminished breast volume after children and want to restore what has been lost. A third group of women are unhappy with their breast shape or cleavage area and would like their breasts to appear more round or full on top.

read more › Aging, weight fluctuation, and childbirth can all contribute to breast "ptosis" which is sagging of the breast tissue and low nipple position. This can be corrected with a breast lift procedure which gives the breast a more youthful and "perky" appearance. In addition to the aesthetic enhancement of a breast lift, many patients report that they have improved posture and reduced back or neck pain. While we recommend wearing a supportive bra to combat gravity, our goal is for patients to feel comfortable and confident going braless after surgery.

read more › Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. For women with heavy breasts that are too large for their frame, a breast reduction can truly be life changing. Some women who have never been comfortable in swimwear, workout clothing or formal wear feel completely transformed after breast reduction surgery. Many women also have alleviation of back and neck pain which significantly improves quality of life. Most women who experience breast reduction surgery look and feel lighter.

read more › There are two general types of breast implants on the market: silicone and saline. Both silicone and saline implants have a solid silicone shell, but silicone implants are filled with silicone gel whereas saline implants are filled with saltwater (or "saline"). For various reasons some women are hesitant to have silicone gel-filled implants and are more comfortable with saline implants. The disadvantage of saline implants is they may have more rippling and can feel like a "bag of water" to some people and don't have the soft natural feel of silicone gel filled implants.

read more › Placing implants in women with Tuberous breasts can be tricky. In these women with a variant of normal anatomy, the bottom portion of the breast is constricted, and multiple surgical maneuvers must be employed to expand the lower part of the breast and lower the inframammary fold. It is important to choose a surgeon with specialized training to completely correct this problem without causing a secondary deformity.

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