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Plastic Surgery Associates provides outstanding care in a luxury medical setting. Led by board-certified specialists and experts in the field, we enhance our patients' lives through the quality of our plastic surgical work. The practice offers surgical and non-surgical solutions to men and women in San Francisco, available through our AAAASF-accredited facility and med spa.

Our specialists are all board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are leaders in the field, staying abreast of the latest advancements through membership in multiple plastic surgery societies. Drs. Furnas, Canales, and Culbertson bring a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to developing personalized solutions aligned with each patient's needs and goals.

Dr. Heather Furnas is a skilled and caring plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience helping patients attain their aesthetic goals. She is also a clinical assistant professor with Stanford University and an innovator in vaginal rejuvenation.

read more › To provide the best service possible, we depend on our certified nurse injectors and nurse assistants to perform a wide variety of nonsurgical services at our practice. Each of our nurses has been thoroughly trained by our doctors to ensure unparalleled patient care. Our front desk team and patient coordinators assist patients with registration and understanding all they need to know prior to their appointment. We are pleased to have such an accomplished and caring team of medical professionals!

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read more › Stanford trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Furnas specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body in San Francisco, CA. In 1990, Dr. Furnas was appointed to the plastic surgery faculty at Harvard Medical School and served on the staff at Beth Israel Hospital. Shortly thereafter, she relocated to California and co-founded Plastic Surgery Associates with her husband, Dr. Francisco Canales. Since that time, she has earned a reputation as a skilled and caring plastic surgeon in the local community and beyond.

read more › Dr. Francisco Canales is a Harvard and Stanford educated board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic care for men and women. Before becoming a well-established plastic surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Canales owned and operated a practice in Boston, MA. There, he also worked as a faculty member in the division of plastic surgery at Harvard Medical School. When he relocated to Sonoma County, Dr. Canales served as the chief of plastic surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and as the chief of surgery at Warrack Hospital.

read more › Plastic Surgery Associates in San Francisco boasts a state-of-the-art surgical facility that is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) and is Class C certified. Our office features two operating rooms, a three-bed post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), on-site recovery room, four procedure rooms, a dedicated CoolSculpting room, and MedSpa. Each room is equipped with the latest cosmetic tools and technology and luxurious seating. We work diligently to provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for the comfort and privacy of our patients.

read more › Our doctors perform breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of the breasts and add or restore fullness. Patients benefit from a beautiful, feminine, and youthful outcome through their attention to detail and focus on natural aesthetics. As board-certified plastic surgeons, our doctors have conducted thousands of breast augmentation procedures for women in San Francisco. Through extensive patient consultation, they discuss each person's goals so that they can provide the enhancement that she wants.

read more › Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) reshapes the breasts, raises their position, and addresses sagging for an appearance that's more youthful and aesthetically appealing. The procedure can be an ideal option for women who have experienced unwanted physical changes as a result of aging, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Over their 20 years supporting San Francisco patients, our board-certified plastic surgeons have performed thousands of breast lift surgeries, with a focus on natural and attractive rejuvenation.

read more › Congenital causes, pregnancy, or childbirth may result in elongated labia minora, the lips that surround the vaginal opening. Women with prominent labia minora may experience pain during intercourse, bicycling, yoga or other activities. They may also be dissatisfied with the way that they look in and out of clothing. Through labiaplasty, our doctors can resolve this condition for San Francisco women. This common surgery reduces the size of the labia minora so they are not as protruberant and it helps reduce the discomfort that patients may have lived with for years.

read more › Exercise and a proper diet aren't always enough to get rid of unwanted areas of fat. Plastic Surgery Associates provides treatment with liposuction to contour body features in a way that's natural-looking and aesthetically appealing. The procedure can resolve trouble-spots in a variety of areas, with the most popular being the abdomen, love handles, hips, and thighs. Our doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons who each bring more than twenty years of experience to the care of San Francisco patients.

read more › The "mommy makeover" is one of the most popular treatment options that Plastic Surgery Associates provides. This collection of surgical and non-surgical solutions rejuvenates the features most affected by having children. Our doctors offer a range of procedures to San Francisco women who want to restore their bodies to a pre-pregnancy state. Our board-certified plastic surgeons individualize the mommy makeover to each of their patients, allowing them to achieve their personal aesthetic goals. Plastic Surgery Associates can combine two or three procedures into a single surgical session to reduce the overall recovery time.

read more › Some patients are not quite ready for full surgical facial rejuvenation. A thread lift, often called a "lunchtime lift, " is a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery. A thread lift diminishes jowling, redefines the neck line, and provides modest lift for features of the lower face. Results look and feel natural, and our San Francisco patients can combine treatment with other rejuvenation techniques for the best results possible. Just as importantly, a thread lift requires significantly less downtime than other surgical options, providing aesthetic improvement in a shorter time.

read more › Pregnancy and significant weight loss can create excess skin around the belly and cause the abdominal muscles to separate. Diet and exercise alone may not be enough to firm up these features. Through tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Furnas, Dr. Canales and Dr. Culbertson give San Francisco patients a flatter, tighter body contour. Our doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons who each have more than 20 years of experience. They perform an advanced "drainless" version of the tummy tuck procedure, which research has shown can reduce fluid accumulation, chance of infection, and recovery time.

read more › Pregnancy, childbirth, and aging can stretch the vaginal canal and labia and affect other features of the vagina. As a result, women may experience problems with sexual sensation, aesthetics, comfort, and continence. Our doctors are leaders in the field of vaginal rejuvenation and have treated hundreds of San Francisco women with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, and G-spot enhancement.

read more › This 42-year-old, 5'6 San Francisco woman changed her life with diet and exercise. She lost 20 pounds down to 182 pounds but was left with stubborn areas that she could not reduce. She underwent S.A.F.E. This 24-year-old, 5'7, 120-pound San Francisco woman was in excellent shape and at a good weight. She had concerns about her thighs being out of proportion to her torso. This 55-year-old San Francisco woman wanted to have a minimum down time body contouring procedure. After considering tummy tuck and liposuction, we recommended Smartlipo of the upper and lower abdomen.

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