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Landon Plastic Surgery Landon Plastic Surgery is Tampa Bay's premier plastic surgery destination. Under the expert guidance of Tampa Bay's number one plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruce Landon, Landon Plastic Surgery provides its patients with the latest innovations in plastic surgery to help them reach their body goals - particularly if those goals include breast augmentation. Rejuvenate, inspire, and restore youthful vitality to your face with our signature cosmetic procedures.

Our facial procedures can eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. The perfect size and shape are possible with Dr. Landon's help. Our breast procedures include augmentation, lifts, and reductions to ensure that your shape fits your ideal body image. Tummy tucks, body lifts, and liposuction are all available at our cosmetic center to redefine your body shape and size.

Dr. Landon's body sculpting can give you the shape you want. Dr. Bruce Landon is Tampa Bay's breast augmentation expert and has been voted as the city's top doctor by peers and patients alike.

When for personal reasons, the size is felt to be too small, to enhance the size and shape after pregnancy, and to improve differences in breast size. Your consultation is designed to understand your reasons for desiring augmentation and to ensure your expectations are realistic and attainable. Dr. Bruce Landon is a board certified Tampa plastic surgeon

Our office has been specially designed with a warm, Tuscan theme, and our staff is hand-picked to ensure our patient's experience at Landon Plastic Surgery leaves you tranquil and serene. Dr. Landon established the facility with every attention to detail to ensure a warm, calming environment for our new and continuing clients. Our center is a soothing

His board certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery assures rigid academic standards of excellence have been met or exceeded. Our office is committed to providing excellence in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Bruce Landon is the medical director of Landon Plastic Surgery. Dr. Landon has practiced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in

The latest reviews and feedback about Dr. Landon and the entire staff at Landon Plastic Surgery. Real patient reviews. Read what our patients say about what they've had done. I had a breast lift and implant exchange last year by Dr. Landon. It has been one year and I'm extremely pleased with the excellent care I received. I have no scars and my breasts

Dr. Landon can help. Board certified with over 18 years experience in breast surgeries, Dr. Landon will work with you to create the perfect pair of breasts. Breast augmentation is designed to enhance breast size, when, for personal reasons, the size is felt to be too small, to enhance the size and shape after pregnancy, and to improve differences in

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