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Lead by double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ivan Wayne, our team specializes in cosmetic facial surgery and facial reconstruction surgery. WELCOME TO WFA MEET DR. IVAN WAYNE Excellence in facial aesthetics begins here. The natural look is always in style. Dr. Wayne always makes sure our patients seeking improvement in eyes, cheeks and the neck look natural, not pulled or stretched.

Find out more about our innovative approach to facial rejuvenation. Isn't it time you finally got that 'perfect nose' you've always wanted? Dr. Ivan Wayne has performed over 5,000 aesthetic and reconstructive nasal surgeries, and is the regional authority on rhinoplasty. Contact us today to get started! RHINOPLASTY EXPLORE RHINOPLASTY The art of creating the perfect nose for you.

Dr. Wayne is helping re-shape our patients' confidence. The scars left behind after skin cancer excision or other facial traumas can have a lasting affect on our physical and mental wellbeing. Dr. Wayne uses a variety of innovative and cutting-edge procedures to reconstruct his patients' faces.

read more › Droopy eyelids can make you look older and impair vision. During this procedure, incisions are made in the natural folds of the upper eyelid where they are nearly invisible. Preservation of fat and muscle avoids an excessively hollow or operated-on look. Blepharoplasty is often combined with a brow lift to correct the appearance of sagging eyebrows. The appearance of bags in the lower eyelids can be due to bulging fat or loss of fat in the surrounding cheek. Dark circles are often caused by allergies or dark pigment.

read more › A facelift by Dr. Ivan Wayne can give both men and women a healthier and more youthful appearance, as well as increase your self confidence. As we age, the skin begins to loosen on the face and neck, resulting in crows' feet, forehead lines, jowls along the jaw and beneath the chin, as well as vertical folds at the front of the neck. A facelift can give you a healthier and more youthful appearance, as well as increase your self confidence. Sometimes, more than one type of procedure is needed. Incisions are made in the area of the temple hair, just above and in front of the ears and continuing around the lobe.

read more › Experience the life-changing effects that otoplasty can have on you or your child. Dr. Ivan Wayne helps open up a whole new world of self-esteem with his renowned ear-pinning techniques. An incision is made right behind the ears in the natural fold where the ear is joined to the head. The surgeon removes the necessary amount of cartilage and skin. Sometimes the cartilage is trimmed and reshaped and then pinned back with sutures. In some instances, the cartilage is not removed at all. Instead, sutures are used to keep it permanently in place.

read more › Dr. Ivan Wayne will carefully walk you through the different Facial Reconstruction options available to you to help you achieve your desired aesthetic and functional outcome. Following skin cancer or facial trauma our team at W Facial Aesthetics is waiting to help restore any damage left behind and put your face back together. Facial Reconstruction requires team work and that is why at W Facial Aesthetics we work very closely with you and your dermatologist to ensure that everyone is on the same page at all times.

read more › Dr. Ivan Wayne believes that a picture says a thousand words. We encourage all of our prospective patients to browse through our extensive Before & After Galleries to see for themselves the life-changing effects of Facial Plastic Surgery. Scroll down to view our gallery for this procedure! The Castle Connoly Top Doctor award honors both physicians and leaders in healthcare whose dedication, talents and skills have improved the lives of countless people across the country. Dr. Wayne holds this title with pride as the result of years of excellence in Facial Plastic Surgery representing both his patients and students.

read more › At W Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Ivan Wayne wants to make sure that your questions related to your surgery and our practice are answered. Browse our most common Facial Plastic Surgery frequently asked questions below. If your question isn't on the list below, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Our team is standing by to make sure you feel comfortable and educated about your procedure of interest. There are three key reasons you would choose a facial plastic surgeon - superior training, background and focus.

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