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Totonchi Plastic Surgery Whether you want to minimize signs of aging or improve a life-long aesthetic concern, Dr. Totonchi offers both surgical and non-surgical facial procedures to help you achieve your desired look. Need help eliminating stubborn pockets of fat or loose, excess skin? Our body contouring procedures can create a slimmer, sexier physique to help you look and feel your best.

Learn more about cleft lip and palate surgery, ear reconstruction (otoplasty), giant congenital nevus (GCN) and other craniofacial procedures from leading specialist Dr. Totonchi. Looking for a non-invasive treatment to help reduce the signs of aging? Dr. Totonchi offers a variety of leading-edge treatments to help you feel and look younger.

Dr. Totonchi is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he is proudly serving Cleveland, and its east and west side suburbs in Westlake and Lyndhurst.He welcomes patients in his hospital base and private practice offices. He has extensive training and experience in facelift, rhinoplasty body, and breast surgery.

read more › A facelift in our Cleveland plastic surgery clinic is a very effective procedure in removing loose and sagging skin that anti-aging creams and other cosmetic procedures just won't reach. Even with the introduction of other innovative cosmetic procedures, a facelift is still the anti-aging treatment of choice among our patients. A facelift helps tighten the face and neck muscles to achieve a smoother and younger appearance. With the continuous improvement in cosmetic technology, a facelift can be tailored to fit both your individual health needs and cosmetic goals.

read more › Dr. Ali Totonchi of Cleveland, OH performs a variety of facial cosmetic surgeries, one of which is forehead/brow lift surgery. A forehead/brow lift surgery is one of the most effective ways to take off years off a patient's face and helps achieve a refreshed, alert appearance. Many patients are bothered by expression lines in the brow region and forehead creases that develop over time as a sign of aging. A forehead/brow lift surgery done in our certified facilities in Cleveland, OH can help minimize the appearance of these lines.

read more › Dr. Totonchi of Cleveland, OH performs a variety of cosmetic procedures, one of which is a forehead reduction procedure. This procedure, also known as hairline lowering or forehead shortening, is used to decrease the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows giving a more youthful, aesthetic appearance. Forehead reduction helps to create balance and harmony to facial proportions. You may be a candidate for forehead reduction surgery if your forehead is disproportionally large for your face.

read more › Dr. Totonchi offers an elective procedure known as blepharoplasty at his plastic surgery clinic in Cleveland. A blepharoplasty can dramatically improve the appearance of sagging eyelids, and improve visibility in extreme cases where sagging has decreased peripheral sight. Over time it is very common for eyelids to begin to sag. This can occur in both the upper and lower eyelids and often occurs naturally due to aging, or more commonly because of heredity. This procedure can be performed in office or operating room with relatively little down time for patients, yielding long lasting results.

read more › Also known as platysmaplasty, a neck lift is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the appearance of sagging skin around the upper neck and under the chin. It also improves the skin laxity under the jawline (known as "jowls"). This unwanted look on the neck is often one of the complaints of people with a fleshy neck. Some people who have neck banding, or more commonly known as a "turkey wattle", resort to this procedure as well. A neck lift can consist of different procedures to be able to achieve the patient's aesthetic goals.

read more › If you are considering changing the shape, position, or the proportion of your ear, an otoplasty/ear reconstruction may be a proper procedure. An otoplasty/ear reconstruction procedure performed in our certified facilities in Cleveland, OH can also correct ear deformities that were present at birth. It can also repair ear structures that were damaged due to injuries or trauma. Otoplasty is done to improve the shape of a prominent or deformed ear. Prominent ear is the most common reason for this surgery.

read more › The structure between the nostrils that separates the nasal passages is called the nasal septum. The septum is composed of a thin bone and cartilage. A hole can develop in the septum due to various reasons - a complication from a previous nasal surgery, excessive picking of the nose, cocaine use, trauma, cancer, or other diseases. Once the damage inhibits blood supply into the nasal septum, the cartilage dies, developing a hole in the process. Technically, this is known as a septal perforation.

read more › Ptosis is a medical condition that refers to a drooping eyelid. This condition only affects the upper eyelid and is not connected with the sagging of the lower eyelid. It is important to have this condition addressed because ptosis can lead to vision field impairment and cosmetic concerns. It is important to note as well that ptosis is a manifestation of an underlying medical condition that may also need to be treated. Ptosis is caused by a variety of factors that affects the muscles, the nerves, or the skin.

read more › A genioplasty procedure is enhancement of the chin area done through a small cut in the bone and bringing it forward, or by using a facial implant, in order to help the patients to achieve a more balanced facial appearance. A genioplasty is generally performed to improve and correct receding chin, cases of chin misalignments, or asymmetry and chin excess. It is very common for patients to come and visit our clinic in Cleveland, OH for cosmetic procedures for their nose, eyes, and skin, but fewer patients realize the importance of paying attention to the lower third of the facial area because this has such a significant impact in creating a balance between all other facial components.

read more › Dr Totonchi of Cleveland, OH performs a variety of cosmetic procedure, one of which is a submental lipectomy. This procedure removes localized fat under the chin and tightens the platysmal muscle creating a more defined chin and neckline. The procedure makes a profound improvement in the neck and jawline angle. Many people are bothered by sagging and fullness under their chin, especially when looking at themselves in a profile view. A submental lipectomy procedure, done in our facilities in Cleveland, OH can help reduce fullness and sagging of the submental area (under chin), giving a more youthful, sharper, more defined jaw and neckline.

read more › Dr. Ali Totonchi offers surgery for patients considering reduction mammaplasty/breast reduction to make their breasts smaller. A reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction involves the removal of the excess fatty tissue in the breast, in addition to excess glandular tissue, and skin. This surgical procedure helps patients achieve a breast size that is more proportional to their body frame and alleviates any discomfort resulting from the weight of larger breasts. Reduction mammoplasty/breast reduction is a very safe procedure and can be performed on patients.

read more › Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is performed to increase breast fullness, increase breast projection, and improve breast symmetry. Dr. Ali Totonchi takes pride in helping his patients exude self-confidence and look their best. The procedure involves the insertion of a silicone or saline implant inside the patient's breast, resulting in a fuller appearance and a younger breast profile. Patients who have lost breast volume due to drastic weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can restore the fullness of their breasts and even achieve larger breast size with breast augmentation.

read more › Dr. Ali Totonchi understands the physical and emotional stress patients experience when faced with breast loss due to mastectomy. Dr. Totonchi offers breast reconstruction in our certified plastic surgery facilities, which involves a series of procedures that will restore the breast to more natural appearance after the patient has undergone a mastectomy. Following breast reconstruction, a patient will have a reconstructed breast mound with the use of breast implants or relocated flaps. A patient undergoing a breast reconstruction also has the option to have the areola and nipples rebuilt to make the breast appear more natural.

read more › If your feel your breasts have flattened, sagged, lost shape and volume, or your nipples and areola point downward, you may consider breast lift surgery. Women's breasts mature over time and lose their firmness and youthful contour. The breast lift or mastopexy procedure raises the breasts by removing excess tissue, and then reshaping and supporting the breast, which restores a youthful, uplifted appearance. A breast lift does not change the size of the breasts, it just lifts and supports the breast tissue that is present.

read more › Dr. Ali Totonchi also provides cosmetic procedures for male patients. One of them is male breast reduction surgery for patients suffering from gynecomastia in Cleveland, OH. Gynecomastia is a condition that causing enlarged breast tissue in men, making the breasts appear similar to women's breasts. Gynecomastia can occur due to multiple reasons, such as hormonal imbalance, medication, other medical issues or for idiopathic reasons. Men who suffer from gynecomastia often find it emotionally difficult to deal and cope with having female-like breasts.

read more › Patients suffering from excess and loose skin on the lower abdomen of both men and women is very stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. No amount of discipline or healthy lifestyle can tighten this excess skin for many patients. A slimmer abdominal contour can only be achieved through an abdominoplasty/tummy tuck procedure. A good candidate for abdominoplasty is one who has loose abdominal skin as a result of pregnancy, drastic weight reduction or normal signs of aging. It is important to note that an abdominoplasty/tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or exercise.

read more › If you are a patient in Cleveland, OH wishing to get a firmer and more youthful leg contour, Dr. Ali Totonchi can perform a thigh lift to help you achieve your goal. Some patients find it very hard to get leaner and slimmer thighs even after they tirelessly work out in the gym. This is because as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and although exercise can help tighten the underlying muscles; it does not provide a solution for the sagging and loose skin in the thighs. A thigh lift can help improve the thigh contour of patients by removing the excess skin, instantly making them slimmer, smoother, and giving patients a younger thigh profile.

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