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Butt lift surgery, a method of buttock augmentation, is a surgical procedure that is intended to provide patients with a more voluptuous and aesthetically pleasing buttock appearance. Dr. Scroggins' philosophy is to assure personal attention for those patients desiring a new image through body contouring and weight management. Carlton Scroggins, M.D. is a noted plastic surgeon in the Washington DC / Baltimore area specializing in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring for over 20 years experience.

I am a 43-year-old female who between the ages of 20 and 21 had given birth to two children, one by caesarian section. Iwas left with a scarred, stretched out, flabby abdomen. No matter how much I dieted or exercised, I was unable to regain any sort of elasticity in that area even though I was able to gain muscle tone underneath. Every effort is made to assure your comfort and convenience to both our in-town and out-of-town patients.

The setting is very intimate and our staff personable and relaxed.

Dr. Carlton Scroggins and his team at Plastic Surgery of Greater Washington are proud to serve the areas of Washington, DC, Prince George's County, and Anne Arundel County with non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation and see if you're a candidate for non-surgical treatment at 301-220-0400!

I want to personally thank you so very much for all the work you have done to my body. I have know you for ten years and you have performed four cosmetic surgeries on me. Not only has your work been done to perfections, but you have given me a special gift of acceptance I have for myself. I am a 43-year-old female who between the ages of 20 and 21 had

Elective and cosmetic surgery to enhance your quality of life are now within reach. With reasonable interest rate loans payable in low monthly installments, beautifying and life enriching procedures not covered by your budget or medical insurance can still be part of your future. With the financing options offered, we make it easy to obtain the results

Eyelid surgery (technically called blepharoplasty) is a procedure to remove fat-usually along with excess skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes - features that make you look older and more tired than you feel, and may even interfere with your vision. However, it

Plastic surgeons use facial implants to improve and enhance facial contours. Frequently, these implants will help provide a more harmonious balance to your face and features so that you feel better about the way you look. There are many implants available, manufactured from a variety of materials. They may help strengthen a jaw line or bring the chin

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