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Hedgewood Plastic Surgery has resumed business. Call (504) 895-7642 or email us at to arrange your visit. Our goal at Hedgewood Plastic Surgery is to offer the same exceptional care as we have in the past while maintaining the ever-important preventative measures. We have instituted multiple protocols to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to relax in our elegant waiting area. Instead, we ask that you wait in your car in the convenient on-premises parking. We will call you when it is time to enter through the front or back door. We are spacing people appropriately so that there will be little to no waiting time. You will not need to use an elevator or come into contact with anyone except our staff who are always wearing appropriate PPE and following strict hand-washing routines.

There is a station for you to grab a mask and sanitize immediately upon entering the facility. All of the furniture in patient rooms has been replaced with chairs that can be sanitized every time between patients.

read more › Christian D. Jacob, M.D., FACS was born and raised in the New Orleans area. After graduating from Jesuit High School, he received his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degrees from Tulane University. Following a five year residency in the Tulane Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, he completed a coveted fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery under the tutelage of Dr. Calvin Johnson. He was honored that Dr. Johnson asked him to stay on as a partner after his fellowship training in 2002.

read more › After over four decades in practice, I have decided to retire. I leave you in the good hands of two of my most impressive fellows, Dr. Christian Jacob and Dr. Thomas Moulthrop. I personally trained both of them and would without reservation trust either to operate on any friend or family member. Having trained over thirty fellows, I know with confidence that these two exceptional surgeons will continue to produce the natural aesthetic results that defined my career. Thank you for your loyalty over the years.

read more › Hedgewood Plastic Surgery and the offices of Drs. Moulthrop and Jacob are located on the first floor of a restored Victorian residence on St. Charles Avenue overlooking the Garden District of New Orleans. The refined, inviting atmosphere provides patients with a calm and elegant setting in which to explore facial plastic surgery. We are proud to support and display the work of local artists throughout our clinic space. The entrance to the clinic is the the front door on St. Charles Avenue. There is ample parking available in the attached private parking lot.

read more › The preoperative facial plastic surgery consultation is the foundation of the surgical approach and allows Drs. Johnson, Moulthrop and Jacob to evaluate what course of action is best for each person. They believe it is important to understand the most pressing concerns of the patient. Two important components of this preoperative understanding are photographic analysis and the mirror examination. Our doctors utilize digital photographs at a variety of angles to enable patients to visualize their own faces more objectively.

read more › The mission of Drs. Johnson, Moulthrop and Jacob is to improve people's lives by aesthetically enhancing their appearance. Their meticulous and artistic approach is based on years of experience. The first and foremost goal is to achieve a result that appears as natural as possible. It is far better for prospective patients to remain as they are than to undergo surgical procedures that leave them with an unnatural or "operated on" appearance. The best cosmetic surgery does not draw attention to itself and does not say to the observer "something is not right here."

read more › Correction of the aging face involves many aspects. We also employ non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures with the same goal of providing a natural, balanced, result. Skin care is an important part of this process and our doctors are happy to help you develop a program that is tailored to your needs. Skin treatments are also provided such as neuromodulators for fine wrinkles and laser treatments for both wrinkles and skin tone. It is important to address continuing volume loss that we all experience with aging - this can be addressed with volumizing treatments with injectable agents such as hyaluronic acid that will restore a youthful look.

read more › 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO AND 2 WEEKS AFTER: Avoid all potential blood thinners including meds and supplements and alcohol. Take Vitamin C 1000mg by mouth three times daily. We recommend Ester-C which is buffered and therefore easier on your GI system. Your labs and clearance(s) need to be completed and faxed prior to your pre-operative appointment. At this appointment we will obtain the consents and explain the pre- and post-operative care. In addition, all prescriptions necessary will be given to you.

read more › The day after your surgery you will clean the incisions twice daily lightly with peroxide to help remove crusting. This can be discontinued the third day after surgery i.e. Do not pick at any incisions as this can cause bleeding and inadvertently loosen the fine stitches. If nasal surgery is performed, apply antibiotic ointment on the external incisions and inside the nostrils with a Q-tip twice daily. Use saline rinses several times per day for the first two weeks. Intra-nasal mucosa is commonly swollen after surgery which can make it difficult to breathe through the nose.

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